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Exotic Finery at Home & The Office

Posted 05-09-2009 at 03:38 AM by Shelli
Updated 05-09-2009 at 03:56 AM by Shelli

My Philodendron Brazil has been re-potted and is now hanging by my window, but not in direct sun, at work. It's an easy going plant, requiring only regular potting soil, the right amount of water and some, but not tons, of light. I just :heart: the unique coloring of the variegated :leaf:s and the shoots it's sprouting everywhere. :wriggle:

My Philodendron Brazil

The Maranta I bought at the same time as the Philodendron has also been re-potted and is now hanging in all of it's unique colored glory in my bedroom. :beaugest: Unlike the Philodendron, the Maranta is a more finicky plant, requiring a mixture of regular potting soil with extra peat moss added. It can NEVER have direct light or the leaves will burn, it requires high humidity, and won't tolerate cold drafts well. It's location in my bedroom is perfect in regards to lighting and humidity during the day in the summer, :sweaty: but at night, it'll be too near the air conditioner for it's tastes, I think, so at night I'll move it to the bathroom ceiling hook which will be a good spot to hang it at night in the winter also in that it'll get a much needed dose of humidity when we :shower: in the morning.

I don't care about it being high maintenance though because the Maranta is such a cool plant! :hyper: The way the leaves look, tops and undersides, but tops mostly, and also the way the leaves react to the dark and light. It's ALIVE!!!1! :darkness:


This isn't my plant, but this is a video of how it reacts to light and lack thereof:


It also has, not very showy, but neat little purple flowers at the end of long stems. :^^

My Maranta

That's it for the Philodendron Brazil and the Maranta at this time. I've accumulated one more work plant and two more houseplants since then, and tomorrow I'll be making a planter for my mother-in-law's grave site along with a planter for my porch railing, but that's for another time. :=D

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