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Fun & Learning with Plants A past hobby of mine revisited and expanded.

Two new family members! :=)

Posted 05-03-2009 at 12:26 AM by Shelli

I stopped at the garden center this morning and came home with two new family members today! :wriggle:

I picked up a baby Philodendron Brazil for work. Philodendrons are a no-no for home because they're poisonous to my fur kids. :verysick:

It's a newer type of Philopdendron and unique. I likey. :hellyes:

The other plant is a Maranta Leuconeura and is absolutely GORGEOUS! :^^

My husband said he's afraid of it 'cause it's kinda weird. :chuckle:...
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Wake = 4+ new plants

Posted 04-29-2009 at 08:02 PM by Shelli
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My mother-in-law passed away about a month ago resulting in the usual wake which resulted in the unusual in my house. One of my husband's co-workers, rather than send flowers to the wake, sent a plant arrangement consisting of four plants: Kalanchoe, Dumbcane, Croton, & Maidenhair Fern.

Two of the plants, the Kalanchoe and the Dumbcane need...
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