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The things we do for love...

Posted 07-20-2008 at 12:00 AM by Soubrette

I am a woman of many obsessions, most of them short lived, last year, for example, was the year of the organic gardening, 6 or 7 big bags of soil, numerous large pots and a small bowl of chilis later and my enthusiasm had waned. This year has been the year of the moneysaving expert site, I cannot say how many free films I've watched, how many meals I've cooked from scratch or even when this current obsession will end, although I fear it has peaked.

But one passion of mine has stood...
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Will the real slimshady please stand up!

Posted 07-18-2008 at 07:02 PM by slimshady2357

I logged on to my account today and was somewhat surprised to find that I've been extremely active in the last few weeks:eek: I was extremely surprised as I have not actually logged on for months. As is my habit, once logged on, I immediately sent a PM to liv, only to find that apparently I have a whole bunch of new PM friends (Hi you guys :wave:).

Hmmmmm:chin: could my account have been hacked :chin: should I be trying to track down the perp :whup:
Or perhaps revenge is...
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forever in search of dill pickle doritos
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TV Free Summer POST 3

Posted 07-08-2008 at 03:20 AM by Gyre
Updated 07-08-2008 at 04:25 PM by Gyre

So here we are in week 3.
This week so far i have watched
3000 Miles to Graceland - I enjoyed the movie overall, in spite of Kevin Costners lack luster performance, Kurt Russell was as charming and entertaining to watch as ever.
All About Eve - wonderful classic
The Sixth Day I never heard of this one, not bad
The Hobbit Originally made for TV the voice acting is sub par but mostly it is mild entertainment
The Original Avengers Volume 2 eh, more skin tight...
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TV Free Summer POST 2

Posted 07-04-2008 at 07:11 PM by Gyre

Alright, So in my first post i forgot to mention that i have all 4 seasons of Futurama on DVD so that is my filler entertainment late at night when i can no longer focus on a movie or book.

And the third movie in week one wasn't about alcoholics is was about a an affair of a married man, called Intermezzo, i got that movie as it was the first American performance by Ingrid Bergman, not the greatest film but watching her was nice. It had left out some critical plot points as those...
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TV Free Summer

Posted 07-02-2008 at 04:51 AM by Gyre

So I have recently begun my second annual TV Free Summer, which means i not only don't watch TV but i had the means to watch tv (in this case my antenna) removed from my house. Last year it was the whole TV but this year since it's a new TV and it's wedged into my armoir i had to remove the antenna.

Which also means i don't have cable or a dish as i refuse to pay for sitting on my sofa.

This does not include DVD's which is the crutch.
The library has an...
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