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Default Re: Mental and Physical Health and Wellness Track, 2022

I'm not in the mood for a long, detailed post, so here is a short succinct one:

My daily journal writing was consistent but often just a sentence or two until I adopted the "Morning Words" idea from "The Artist's Way", wherein I make a point of writing at least 750 every day first thing in the morning. That has been great because it really forces me to think more deeply for things to write about, and once I get started it's usually pretty easy to hit the goal.

One week ago I started flirting with a new eating plan called "Bright Line Eating", and the first week was a roaring success. I stuck mostly to the food plan but haven't yet adopted some of the other strategies, but their value is apparent and I will be doing that soon. I am a paying member (it's $20 a month) so I have access to a lot of good resources and I'm happy to go deeper into what it's all about if anyone is interested. I weighed in today down 9 lbs. from last Monday without feeling like I starved myself all week so I'm pretty happy about it.

I was turned on to it by this excellent podcast episode*:

Lucas Rockwood Podcast - Yoga, Health & Wellness Show

*Fun fact: I was notified about that podcast because I'm subscribed to the YogaBody newsletter because I signed up for the 21-day Hip Opening Challenge last year, paid the fee and quit after the first day. For reasons.
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