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Default Re: China is asshoe!

China insists Genghis Khan exhibit not use words 'Genghis Khan' | China | The Guardian

The Château des ducs de Bretagne history museum in the western city of Nantes said it was putting the show about the fearsome 13th century leader on hold for over three years.

The museum’s director, Bertrand Guillet, said: “We made the decision to stop this production in the name of the human, scientific and ethical values that we defend.”

It said the Chinese authorities demanded that certain words, including “Genghis Khan,” “Empire” and “Mongol” be taken out of the show. Subsequently they asked for power over exhibition brochures, legends and maps.
The article does not afaics explain why they couldn't go ahead with the exhibition and ignore the Chinese demands. Perhaps the exhibits were actually from Inner Mongolia and controlled by the the Chinese govt?

Anyway, fuck 'em.

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