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Default Re: In which I form a monster so hideous that even I turn from him in disgust

My latest batch of ginger ale got done in less than a day. I went to check it like 18 hours after I'd started it, and it blew up like a school project volcano. It's really good, too. I make sody pop, you guys!

PLUS my sourdoughs have been a bit lifeless lately, so I did a little tweaking and they also got all lively. I got a loaf that looks almost like a bowling ball, it poofed up so good.

Also, the sauerkraut is "ready" as soon as someone drinks enough of the ginger ale to make room in the fridge for it, made a new batch of cultured butter, got pickles figured out so I can now make them reliably, and have a small batch of hot sauce fermenting as of just now.

I'm starting to feel like a witch again. I am friends with the ambient cooties.
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