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Default Re: Roll20-Anyone playing socially-distanced games?

Rolemaster is... probably not for everyone. We play it largely because the GM is very familiar with it. The basic resolution mechanism is pretty straightforward, but from there it explodes out into long lists of skills, half a book of combat tables, most of a book of spells, many books of optional rules, and enough character sheet calculations to make an accountant blush. You do get quite a lot of flexibility for all this, and there are various online tools to streamline various things, but it takes a fair bit of system familiarity for it to run smoothly.

Anyway, next game night is Thursday. In that game we've just barely defeated the first Big Bad, a mad wizard-spy who had been masquerading as our former innkeeper but had developed a form of biological warfare in the form of infected lizards whose bite drove people mad before killing them in agony. He released barrels of the things in the shithole town we were based in. We found some clues that connected this dude to larger stuff going on, which I guess is where the campaign is going...
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