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Default Re: In which I form a monster so hideous that even I turn from him in disgust

A while back, I got mad that the red wine vinegar from the store was all so weak and sad, so I did this, and it is not only a hundred times better than the store bought stuff, but also way cheaper and ridiculously easy to do.

I am not a wine guy, so I just used something basic that I think is drinkable and sort of the flavor profile I wanted, and also that they had at the corner liquor store. I think Yellowtail shiraz or something, about a liter, with a cup of raw apple cider vinegar. I secured some cheesecloth on the bottletop, put it in the cupboard,and waited until it tasted right. And it is the best vinegar I've had in a long time, maybe ever.

I think this one took like a month to get how I wanted it, but we keep the house pretty cold. It'd probably only take a couple weeks or so at normal temperatures.

So I wanted to tell you guys about it. I have been fermenting and culturing lots of things and am pretty happy with most of them, but this might be the quickest and easiest so far, especially for the payoff.

If you use wine vinegars, you should try it.
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