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Default Re: Kialo - appreciation/excoriation thread

I skimmed, It looks interesting for organizing of formal debate, and really bad for existential ideas like whether not free will exists. In that case it’s a great way for people to justify all sorts of things through logical steps.

Like debate “Abortion should be illegal!” (not to mention their pro/con system immediately biasing how to form the debate statement). Will certainly get things like, ‘because the heart starts beating at, x seconds’ and other facts, and not ‘because my inability to protect innocent people in the past, and/or my abuse of innocent people in the past has led me to an extreme reaction to make up for my previous failings by protecting that which I see as the most innocent’ or ‘Women need to be controlled to keep the gender hierarchy, which I have invested significant energy into, intact.’ or in counter ‘Yes my current living personal autonomy is in fact more important to me than the fictional autonomy of another, deal with it.’

Bullet point debate actively shy away from analysis of positions that people are taking for instead lists of reasonings that one could take that position.

Debate is often a lot of taking a side and then providing information to support it, and such will always fall towards the more charismatic or convincing, than the one who is correct.
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