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Default Re: Kialo - appreciation/excoriation thread

Yes, I'm wondering what it's really for. I wouldn't judge it on the quality of the big debates it's hosting, though. That's like judging wikipedia on the quality of its entries. The point is that wiki is a platform on which third parties can make good things happen. And so might Kialo be. However, it doesn't seem to be crystalising the best information the way that wiki (mostly) does.

They seem to be offering it as a venue for private discussions as much as public ones, and if the format really does help to organise the ragged contributions of the average attendees at a company brainstorming session while giving everyone the feeling that their view has been given and been noted, that is not nothing.

And consider also, the debates may not seem to be high quality, but neither are they throttled by trolls and shitposts the way that most public discussion platforms are.

I think they may be on to something but no, it isn't the building of a library of fine ideas.
... it's just an idea

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