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Default Re: ABBA VITE namely Doctor Solzhenitsof's novel


Continuing from the previous chapters...

Naturally after a while his attention would be distracted. Beyond the retarded love bed of his where he now was-in fact it was only a matrix with a blanket filling for the quilt , extended like the carpet to a divan-a hole under its surface so that it could hold the whole volume of a pair rolling within sexual intercourse the man and the lady engaged lying on the floor as that of the sexuality induced theatre scenes designed for mating part of the act. His home or rather its main chamber was a wide, low building, curiously combining the character of something temporary and something betwixt an elder and a young, and it stood in a childhood house based on a fenced garden that was now covered partly with soil.
Then he resumed his observation in the street dominated by a flock of children who were just coming out, with their teacher like he-guide. They crowded around him, all eyes were fixed on him, and they were talking away the whole time, so fast that Humboldt. couldn’t make out what kind of love making terms they were using during a general congregation enclaved among pedestrians to have consisted of other gender in every pair making love while protecting their stand still positions. The guide or the teacher, a robust, broad-shouldered elder man who held himself very upright, but without appearing ridiculous, already seen Humboldt-the one and only elder lover in the street- from a distance after all, apart from his own students’ flock. Essentially Humboldt was the only non-living soul cope with the crowdy regulars of mating just before a while to be seen far and wide. Adding to the mental confusion of the elderly modern Casanova himself the richly considerations ad hoc love should have made him as the unique stranger there, to have been greeted first, noticed that despite his elder stature he was used to being in command in the love bed.
‘Salute sire’ or ‘Good morning, sir,’ someone would be honouring Humboldt one after another so that all at once the children would fall silent, and the well experienced pedestrians probably appreciated this sudden silence in anticipation of advent remarks to be coming from elderly lover. ‘Looking at the legs of the women, are you?’ he asked himself, more gently than his customarily reactions within the frame from mouth to ears when soliloquy he must had expected, but in a tone suggesting that he didn’t like what he was doing. ‘Yes,’ said he his ego through his id or vice versa ‘I’m a stranger over nuptial matrix for I’m much more bachelor than The Father-Pope; I arrived in the place for mating easily because I could find delicious the woman’s legs instead of detesting-only yesterday or such around. What comes of the case then? Do I like the ordinary organs sufficient to build my lust linked any sexual ecstasy?’ He was quick to reply himself by means of a question so ‘What?’ he asked himself in return, slightly surprised by the truth that would be able to explain the reason of unexpected lust. He repeated the question type answer in a milder tone. ‘Everybody do choose the objects of lust from the other-or even the same-sex induced people living around, huh?

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