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Originally Posted by viscousmemories View Post
This is good. My 25 yr old nephew is a big fan of the JRE which led to us arguing a week or two ago about the efficacy of vaccines and the trustworthiness of anyone who doesn't appear on the JRE (spoiler alert: if they don't come on the JRE they can't be trusted) and it was very depressing. At least my nephew has the good sense to be vaccinated regardless.
I know a guy who refused to vote for Biden unless he would go on Joe Rogan. At least we managed to talk him into a third party, but holy shit.

He said Joe Rogan was the smartest guy he knew of, so I think the argument was that people who wouldn't appear on his show were just afraid of his blistering intellect or something.

I keep getting off topic in this thread.
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