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When the house was inspected it was revealed that the exhaust fan w/ heater in the master bathroom vented directly into the attic instead of outside. This led to my replacing the exhaust fan with one that was slightly larger and preparing to vent it outside. Unfortunately the snow hit before I could get on the roof so I may have to wait until the thaw for that part of the project. I decided along the way to replace the exhaust fan in the other full bathroom as well, and found that it too vents into the attic. So that's two holes I get to cut in the roof! I'm actually looking forward to that, if not to getting back in that cramped, hot, gross attic crawl space.

I decided to buy a timer switch for the exhaust fan so I wouldn't have to remember to turn off the fan after 30 minutes (or whatever) and learned the hard way that there are (at least) two types of timer switches out there. Those that require a neutral wire and those that don't. Of course I bought one that doesn't, and learned that modern fans such as the one I bought are so energy efficient that they don't leak enough back to the switch to power it--which is what switches that don't require a neutral depend on. Unfortunately the hunt for a switch that will work with my fan has only led me (so far) to switches that are >$50 and I'm just not yet willing to pay that. Maybe next week.

I probably don't need to add, but will anyway, that the post above where I talk about all the right ways to approach a home wiring project was born from having gotten all of those things exactly wrong in my own efforts. Ever since I posted that I've been troubled that someone might think I was preaching from a place of unearned opinion.
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