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That's white privilege.

But this, apparently, applies only for members of the culture. So if a Swedish tourist walks down the street at night, he's not enjoying white privilege, and if a Somali tourist walks down the street at night and gets hassled, it's somehow different?
Obviously, "identified-as-foreign" is a kind of Other. At least, it certainly seems like it would count; most places have very significant differences in how they treat natives and foreigners. But it seems to me that, in cases where it is not known whether someone is foreign or not, they can fall into existing local privilege/other categorizations based on appearance.
White privilege extends to white people, even tourists, if it allows them to walk down the street unharassed whereas a black person would more likely be stopped (say in a wealthy white neighborhood or something)

Local privilege would be denied to that same tourist should he walk into a bar with a distinct "Locals only" culture, and proceeded to ask for directions in broken or heavily accented English. He has become visible as an other.

My mom visited her cousin in Japan, and was struck by how the locals at the market went out of their way to touch her or follow her a bit(the cousin). Apparently her snow white hair made her blessed or lucky somehow. She was used to this, and said it was just a part of her life in Japan. My mom, though a white American, was not othered or noticed at all, because the town was near a US military base and many white people lived there and visited the market, and my mom didn't have any distinguishing features like snow white hair.

Someone wearing a turban is totally commonplace in London, not so commonplace in, say, Lincoln Nebraska. He is othered in Lincoln, not in London.

I still think my visible/invisible example works in most situations. If you can be identified as other, you are other and therefor not enjoying whatever privilege is afforded not others in that group.

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