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Well, now I'm re-confused.

On the one hand, privilege is a social construct. On the other hand, there are ways in which some of those could be denied that aren't social constructs.

Being able to walk through a store without arousing revulsion is clearly at least moderately socially dependent. Being able to put clothes on yourself depends at least in part on physical characteristics. If someone has certain physical limitations, it becomes impossible no matter what anyone or any society thinks.

So there's a sort of fuzzy boundary here where a thing that some people can do and some can't doesn't seem to be affected by society's choices at all, but still seems to be privilege. Except sometimes it's not, and I can't tell what the distinction is.

Okay, I have a tentative notion. What if the rule there is a question of how you can or can't react to a circumstance, and the fuzziness comes from distinctions between "things you are" and "things that are true of the environment you're in". So for instance, a store that's not wheelchair-accessible rings bells because there are people who always need a wheelchair.

And "normal" is the dividing line. "People who can't do exceptional math" aren't "other" in general because most people can't. "People who can't see color" are "other" because most people can. "People who can't see color because they are wearing colored sunglasses" don't count because that's a changeable state.

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