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Default Re: Instant Pot Sucks

Originally Posted by Limoncello View Post
I was going to get myself an instant pot in Feb for my Birthday - glad I changed my mind after reading the reviews here.
A lot of people really do love theirs, and use them all the time, so don't go entirely on my word.

I just take exception to people making it a blanket recommendation, as though they can't imagine anyone doing things differently from them. They seem well made for what they are, and I believe the people who say it was life changing for them.

It's just that I don't really want or need most of the things it's programmed to do, and I am mad that I can't manually program it for what I do want. So mostly, I'm mad that people recommended it to me, including a couple of times directly. I probably would have loved mine if I got it when I was working all the time and raising a kid, but now I cook sort of as a hobby, so I want to be able to experiment and make my own adjustments.

lisarea - does homemade yogurt taste better than store bought?
I think it does. I'm pretty lactose intolerant, so mostly the yogurt is for Matlock. I partly do it because it's a lot cheaper to make than to buy the fancy yogurts, but also because for some reason, I am super-into cultures and ferments. I don't know why, but I just get all excited about propagating different microorganisms to make food. It makes me feel like a witch or something.

Random aside - The Mor-Man was in a road rage incident where people in a van pelted his Civic with yogurt tubes.
Daaaaaang! Having your Civic pelted with yogurt tubes is a pretty hecking Mormon thing to happen.
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