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I mentioned in the OP that the previous owner of the house was a photographer and left a whole bunch of photos, slides, etc. in the basement at my request. Shortly after we closed the owner's son (who had coordinated the sale) texted me and said that his Dad was actually really upset about the loss of all his slides and could he come and get them back. I said of course and we set about arranging a time to meet.

At some point I mentioned that it was too bad because I had hoped to digitize all the slides and give copies to his Dad, and after I assured him that I knew what a huge project that would be he said he would talk to his Dad and get back to me. The next day he texted and said his Dad loved the idea. So, as I mentioned earlier I set about scanning the slides.

When I had finished about 10k slides (around mid-November) I texted the son and asked how it would be easiest to go about sharing the images with his Dad because I realized it was going to take me a lot longer to get through them all and I wanted him to have a chance to see some as I continued to work. He said he would have to ask his "more tech-savvy daughter" and get back to me, but that's the last time I heard from him.

I found out yesterday (by scanning the obituaries) that the owner passed away about a month ago, sadly before he ever got to see some of the many thousands of photos I scanned; some of which I'm sure he hadn't seen in decades. I'm a little bummed I didn't try harder to get pictures to him but I was also a bit afraid that he would be unhappy with the quality. I had to color correct quite a lot of them because time had made them all red.

Most recently I've been putting stacks of prints on a wire rack in a plastic bucket with water in it to humidify them, then flattening them out. I have probably done this to hundreds or thousands of prints. I also bought a copy stand and an LED "light table" that I can use to take scans of negatives and prints, and I'll post more about that (with photos) later.
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