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Originally Posted by viscousmemories View Post
Most recently I've been putting stacks of prints on a wire rack in a plastic bucket with water in it to humidify them, then flattening them out. I have probably done this to hundreds or thousands of prints. I also bought a copy stand and an LED "light table" that I can use to take scans of negatives and prints, and I'll post more about that (with photos) later.
Iím not quite sure how you might want to go about culling them down, but I know thereís a decent amount of photographers, especially the older film ones, that would absolutely love to see a presentation of these.

Related, I also donít know how you might host them online in a non expensive manner but I bet there is a smaller, nerdier group of people that would love to dig through these like a treasure trove, hunting for the gems that spark their fancy, especially with you doing the hard digitizing work.
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