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ABBA VITE's Liberalist Novel

Continuing from the previous chapter….


As for the girl to whom, remembering his behaviour the night before, he could say only the bare minimum, kept hovering around her with a silent plea in his eyes… She took not pity on the elderly lover but on her-herself and she speculated that she should asked him to sit down after the sexual intercourse, and keep him company for a while. ‘I haven’t met the a sexually strong taurus like you yet,’ while saying the elderly, ‘but they say the people might pay well for your very good work in the bed. Isn’t that so? If you’re travelling as far from your empty mattress and quilt as I am, you want to bring something worthwhile, say a happiness as homemade.’ More over adding to this ‘No need to worry about that, dear. There’ve never been any complaints of poor pay through successful intercourses on the old earth.’ Highly likely he would reply ‘Well, I’m not the timid sort myself, and I can speak my mind even to the payer if they could be any in the beds of love out of the brothels wherein the elderlies would work, but of course it’s far better to be on friendly terms with such women having been to pay the lover on the spot.’ The girl would rather be perched opposite the man on the edge of the windowsill, not daring to sit anywhere more comfortably and she kept looking at elderly with his large, brown or rather in colour of petroleum, anxious free but anxiety reflecting eyes. To begin with a new love making she had moved close to him, but for the time being she might seem to want to run away. Was she afraid of being interrogated about the bed skill of hers?
Essentially after all might he fear that, although he used to be calling himself as ‘elderly’, she was not to be relied on him over all sexual intercourses? He thought he had better distract his mind about the love making skills of his for he would be he and she was not able to do so not because of the inferiority complex but susceptibility very, very peculiar to women generally. All of a sudden, he rescued his intelligence from deep thoughts. He all the more in the street…Looking at his watch, he said himself: ‘Well, my erectile hormones-if not hormones what else could they be indeed-will soon be being augmented, huh?’ Say not anything more about physiological factors the different sexes induced everything based on interaction-a little innuendo, a trifling word could essentially direct sex life towards every direction. “Will you be able to accommodate them in the bed?’ asked he himself. ‘Of course, sir,’ replied he his own question. ‘But won’t they be escorting you up at the phase of erection first and ejaculation, secondly?’ Was he so easily and cheerfully giving up the prospect of love, and in particular all the love maker, whom he seemed anxious to send off to love bed? Drown in anxiety the elderly was as an aside happy because of the medium created by liberal thoughts inspiring the individual to define the relations between the different genders and genders couldn’t be confined by the borders dictated by the gender defining boundaries heresy coming after some coercing traditions’ limit ‘That’s not decided yet,’ said the elderly about the gender definitions by several generations. ‘First we must find out what kind of work in other gender relations they want us to do. For instance, if I’m to work down in the family bed biologically, then it would be more sensible for me to stay down there for ever. And in addition, I’m afraid that living up in the biological base, say marriage wouldn’t agree with me. I always prefer to be a free agent in my love affairs within the meaning of abstract considerations.’ He took his breath for a moment and went on with his free speculations ‘I ought not know what the marriage is like, over my liberal way of life that would in harmony with me if I should like to know everything about everything!’

continuing from the previous chapter...

‘Strange’ pondered Humboldt-the elderly ‘One ought not to judge too early through the speculations regarding any unexpected sexual intercourse or an exaggerated mass prayer therein one would have taken part too much fervently. At the moment all one should know about them is that up here I know how to pick a good happiness inspector for lacking happiness might easily delete the ecstasy one need must have before a four times four love making or a deep prayer. And perhaps there could be other advantages there as well.’ Before a while he sat on a bank-who knows who has put it there near to the main gate of market. And he rose to his feet, to allow the pedestrians, who were obviously and uneasily biting their lip for the sake of a chance to be rid of his volume hindering a bit. According to Humboldt it wasn’t easy to win this mop’s trust. As he was walking away, he noticed some graffito bundles flowing from the top of the adjacent blocs’ wall within dark shadows on them. He had seen things similar to those objects even from where he lay last night to make love, but away from that distance he hadn’t been able to make out the details… ‘The outer world’ he thought that ‘could not be the real picture we had been removing from the frame, would have been leaving only a hollow.’ And whistled, ‘But there should be indeed some pictures-real or unreal-to help us in remembering them muffled by a certain vision, as I now saw!’ Humboldt might be appreciated as a middle aged and robust male from the point of his head and shoulders peculiar to a man of about fifty, and yet his head would be bent so lowering towards the right-or rather highly towards that right direction-that over his adjacent shoulder one could hardly see his both ears, and the reason why he held it like that seemed to be the weighting heavy senses of his high, heavy spontaneous anguish and large hooked nose. The man’s well shaven beard, which had the capacity of having been squashed in at some part of his jowl by the angle of his head, especially when he has stood up still.

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