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Default Re: ABBA VITE namely Doctor Solzhenitsof's novel

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And every one of those D posts over 10 years a work of unparalleled writing.
The speed of time-generally-elapsing so he made love-covered wit a mist of unexpectedness- after mating he took intensively a rest, went out, walked on, but it was not a long way apt to inventing stories such as running into a guide or teacher and chattering so that he felt his imagination fallen into another obligation to invent another story and yet he was unable to repeat any for he was in the main street of the village, and it did not lead to any place strange enough to think up something as strange as those past already but merely passed close to itself before turning aside, as if on purpose, and although it moved no further away from the home of his, it came no closer either. Humboldt kept thinking that it wouldn’t be road for roads should have finally bring him to the home, and, if only because of that expectation, he went on pondering ad hoc love making. Because of his weariness he naturally shrank from leaving that thought, and he was surprised by the extent of the old home of his-its bigness, which seemed as if it could never give way to make love, with more and more little intervals through intervals of romantic bundles of kissing, while its window-panes covered not by flowers, and with no laces and the absence of other broidery or such things so at last he tore his brain’s tendency towards deep thought away from the speculations on which he had persisted and struck out down a narrow alley where the confusion lay even deeper.

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