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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Immediately when he start’s talking I get flashes of random drunk dudes at parties who have done a bit too much coke and are now hyper free forming more and more elaborately wild stories, almost stumbling over their previous words as if they can’t get them out quick enough, a god among puny men here to educate and enlighten!

And of course he is indeed on drugs, as in Testosterone Replacement Therapy based on a self diagnosed need for more testosterone, seemingly out of fear and/or loathing out of not being ‘manly’ enough to compete in pro MMA.
I love MMA, I know it’s pretty barbaric, but it’s a fun sport. I would argue that there are moments of sportsmanship that really demonstrates it is a sport and not just human cockfighting, but I get why other people may feel differently. Anyway, I watch a lot of UFC, Rohan has been working with the UFC for 20 years. He also did jujitsu for years, so he is fairly knowledgeable. He used to be a good announcer, but now he is garbage.

He will pick a narrative and stick to it for the fight regardless of how the fight is going. Or he will pick a moment in the fight and decides that the fighter must have injured something and just keep harping on that. It’s also obvious that he doesn’t research the newer fighters very well.

I used to enjoy his commentating, but it’s garbage tier now. (And many mma fans on say r/mma dislike his commentary (even if they like his intellectual dark web/alt right adjacent politics).

He has always been something of a contrarian and prone to flights of speculation in lieu of facts, but I think years of being a rich asshole independent contractor (and with JRE self employed) have exacerbated the situation.

He just pretty clearly doesn’t get much real push back when he says dumbshit in his real life, and then he views such responses online as cancel culture.
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