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I work in healthcare. I wear a mask 8 hours a day every shift. I’m vaccinated but ONLY because last year at this time my husband was hospitalized and had an emergency tracheostomy because of a 90 percent blocked airway. For those ignorant in medical stuff, they cut a hole in his trachea and put a plastic tube in. At first we thought the worst. Thought he would need chemo and radiation, our airway doc told us as much . He was even giving me names of oncologists. It was horrible. This was the beginning of 2020 when no one knew shit I was anti getting the vaccine not because I thought o would grow a third tit. But because I don’t know what goes into those vaccines and I am very much against vaccines that use aborted stem cells. Judge me as you will. And I KNOW you will.. but for me this is a bridge too far. And to this date , NO ONE can tell me what is in those vaccines. Anyway, when all this shit came about I had a very small window. I was a tier one health employee and could get vaccinated within a two week period which I would have denied only Joe was sick and we had the same window. It took two agonizing weeks for us to find out that he DID NOT have cancer only an infection. I got vaccinated because I thought it would be a real dick move not to since we did not know his future. I’m saying this because sometimes it’s not as easy as being stupid or smart when it comes to making this decision.
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