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Question Re: Calling Plant Woman

Originally Posted by Plant Woman View Post
I don't know for sure which one it is but most likely K. blossfeldiana. Without flowers it can be hard to tell and I can't see the leaves real well. If you are going to transplant it I wouldn't prune it at the same time. I wouldn't transplant it unless it's root bound.
I don't mean the first Kalanchoe that I posted, rather, I'm asking about the second, re-posted below :V: which I think looks totally different than the Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana that I first posted.

I don't really have a choice but to transplant both of them. The first Kalanchoe that I posted is in the same pot as the Maidenhair Fern, Dumbcane & Croton. No way is there enough room for all and even if there was, they all have different needs. The second Kalanchoe that I posted is in a pot with no drainage and the dirt that it's in doesn't look too good either.

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