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Default Re: Calling Plant Woman

That is a particularly nice maidenhair fern.

Common names can be confusing:

"There are several varieties or cultivars such as: FAN MAIDENHAIR FERN - Adiantum tenerum (TEN-ehr-um); COLOMBIAN MAIDENHAIR FERN - Adiantum raddianum 'Weigandii' (rad-dee-AN-um wee-GAN-dee-eye; PINK MAIDENHAIR FERN - Adiantum hispidulum 'Pink Lady' (his-PID-yew-lum) Delicate rose and green sprays of foliage from New Zealand and Australia. More than 200 species of this fern growing throughout the world."
From:African Violets

The rose and green ones sound pretty too.

"When you get a yard" is there a possible yard in the works, Crumb?
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