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Smile Re: Calling Plant Woman

Originally Posted by Crumb View Post
So how did you do it? A coworker of mine has a Kalanchoe and it would be cool to steal a start.
I'm trying propagation both from leaf and stem cuttings. I took two 4" stem cuttings, cutting off the lower leaves as instructed, so I saved the the lower leaves that I cut. I took the cuttings and leaves with a sharp razor blade sterilized in alcohol. The reason for this, I read, is because you want a clean cut without ragged or pinched edges. Then I let them sit in a container until callouses (similar to a scab on a human cut) formed on the cut edges which can take anywhere from a couple days to a week. Mine took about 3 days to callous over. You need to let them callous over before planting them so that the leaf or stem is protected from bacteria entering it's system and so that the cuttings don't leak out their vital plant juice.

So last night, I planted the stem and leaf cuttings in a cactus soil mix, putting a little extra top soil around the cuttings to prevent soil loss and then watered thoroughly until the water ran through.

They need lots of light and they like it warm so, I waited until this morning, and then I put them on the front porch in the :sun:.


I printed out a couple of excellent sites that I went by but they're at home, so I'll post the links to them tonight.

In the meantime, if you were looking to do a search now, my best information came from looking up "succulent propagation" rather than specifying "kalanchoe propagation" in my search. :holmes:
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