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Default Re: Martin Shkreli sentenced to Seven Years ...

Shkreli, who's the smirking, high-profile face of this heinous practice, justifiably got his cowardly ass kicked. However, for a glimpse at how the real pros do it, check out Season 1, Episode 3 of the Netflix series Dirty Money. There you'll hear the tale of Valeant Pharmaceuticals, which under the direction of a slimebucket named Mike Pearson decided the way to make money in the drug business was to buy up smaller pharma companies, thereby acquiring the smaller company's drug patents, shitcan all research and development, vastly jack up the prices on the acquired drugs, and engineer large-scale insurance fraud to pay for it.

Valeant, under a different name, continues to do business even after the scheme collapsed. Pearson, who got booted as CEO in 2016, remains a free man and filed a $30 million+ lawsuit for wrongful termination. No word on how the case ended, as the court in which the case was filed kicked it to arbitration, but it's reasonable to assume Pearson saw a hefty payday.
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