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Default Re: I think we need a morons with guns thrad

I recently watched a video by a guy who has the manual to the SLAP rounds, oh yeah, apparently there’s a fucking manual, so Moron level going up, and “Do not fire rounds through muzzle break!” is in big letters in that manual. Guess what death trap has a nice big muzzle break on it.

The sabot is a multi piece soft plastic that guides the dense metal projectile down the barrel and then flies apart as it exits. If it begins to fly apart or otherwise expand in a muzzle break the plastic used on these rounds can leave tiny bits of residue. That residue can flash if too hot and create a sudden gas back pressure at the muzzle that’s like it being plugged for an instance. It’s possible but only speculation on my part that this could slow the oncoming sabot more than its projectile, leaving a cavity for the cases expanding gasses to push it into the sides of the barrel compounding the problem.

If the overpressure did happen at the muzzlebreak it does suggest both it and the barrel are overbuilt to the point where the one and only failure mode is metal cap to the face. There’s also some irony in the metal tab that almost killed him being there as a “safety” to make sure the failure point is screwed on all the way.
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