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Default Re: An Arf-Arf Here and a Meow-Meow There... E I E I O!

Goodest of boys, Tilly dabbles in sheep herding.
Dog Ejected from crash found two days later herding sheep! — Spokesman Review

Tilly joins a crew, tries to blend The crash shattered the Yukon’s rear window and flung Tilly through the opening. He survived the ejection unharmed but stunned, and took flight across the prairie south of Rathdrum instead of hanging around at the crash...

On Tuesday morning, at the Potter family’s farm south of Rathdrum, Tyler Potter told her brother Travis Potter something odd.

Hooey, one of the family’s Australian shepherds, looked funny today, Tyler Potter said. His red fur looked darker than usual. At the time, Travis Potter didn’t think too much of it. But a little while later, Travis’ brother Zane had another odd experience when he tried to call Hooey.

“Hooey really comes right away when you call him, and this dog put its ears back and started running off,” Travis Potter said.

Zane Potter knew something wasn’t right. He took a closer look at the dog and realized its coat wasn’t the same as Hooey’s. It was Tilly.
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