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Default Re: can we discuss epidemics?

Originally Posted by JoeP View Post
The thing with the opioid epidemic is that it's 100% intentional (unlike the covid pandemic which is only due to negligence in being prepared). It's a crime being committed by Big Pharma - and the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma as a whole should all be in jail - right?

But is it mostly a consequence of the (US govt's) neoliberal pursuit of profit and concentration of wealth regardless of who suffers? Or mostly a consequence of (the US govt's) white supremacist tendencies (anything is OK as long as non-whites suffer)? Or an even balance of the two?

Exhibit: the war on drugs (winners: drugs and Big Pharma; loser: minorities)

Exhibit: the rate of incarceration in the US / "fighting crime" (winners: crime and private prisons, loser: minorities)
The only reason that it's acknowledged as an epidemic/crisis is that it started affecting white people in sufficient numbers. Sacklers found a way to monetize despair, but started parasitizing white populations, too. That's when the crisis came about.
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