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The Arab Spring was an amazing dream but after dreams, we usually wake up. We dreamt of freedom, justice and economic welfare. We dreamt of justice but we woke up to find that many powerful persons and neighbouring countries hate justice. We dreamt of freedom but we woke up to find that our peoples used to live without freedom. We dreamt of economic welfare but we woke up to find that our economy is too weak. The Arab Spring was too idealistic: it avoided facing its enemies. Ironically, the anti-revolution was conspiring and plotting while the Arab Spring was still dreaming. The Arab Spring had slogans but no clear strategies. Who don't face obstacles? But the Arab Spring dealing with obstacles was not realistic. Revolutions always used to be very strict but the Arab Spring was too idealistic to be strict.
If we want to classify the contemporary Arab history, I can say that the pre-Arab Spring era was an era of tyranny and injustice, the Arab Spring era was the era of dreaming and the post-Arab Spring era is an era of instability: you can see instability in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia and Sudan. Actually, many people blame the Arab Spring for this instability. Clearly, we can't blame anyone who revolts against injustice and tyranny but the Arab Spring in authority was idealistic, not professional and strict.
Where is the Arab World going? I see negative expectations. For example, if we look at Lebanon, the situation is too complicated to be solved in the near future. Libya, Sudan and Tunisia are not better than Lebanon. I'm afraid that the Arab World will face a nightmare in the near future.
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