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Default Re: can we discuss epidemics?

Originally Posted by JoeP View Post
So ... they should stopped seizing it ... problem solved?
I think you know where Iím going with this. If the Southern border was locked down and made secure a lot of addictions and deaths could very well be prevented. I get China is a problem too. I think more cyber security is necessary there. When dealers, nice hearted well meaning and friendly dealers can enter easily from the South, well thatís evil in motion. REAL evil presents itself in an attractive way. I do not necessarily think every dealer that comes up through Mexico has evil intentions, theyíre looking for respect from families back home if they can bring back money and a better life. But many of them want that life I Mexico. I think design of it all is evil and very easily orchestrated by the father of evil himself. My belief system differs from those here but I do believe there is a bigger picture and would welcome some open minds on the matter.
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