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Default Re: Mental and Physical Health and Wellness Track, 2022

On my own little physical and mental wellbeing kick, years ago I damaged my nerves through vitamin B deficiency. A combination of vegi diet, depression and from what I can tell a reaction to CBD (exactly how Iím not sure, and research into CBD just gets me tons of scam sites).

It started to happen again, and I think I can tie it specifically to the ever small but still present CBD in some of the concentrate I was using, so Iíve quit all thc/cbd and get to be on edge for awhile thanks to vitamin B supplements. Two weeks in and the B supplements appear to be working.

Fun fact, finger pruning is a nervous system reaction, my right index finger still doesnít prune as fully as my other fingers. It had stopped completely during the first bout and has taken years to get back to partial capacity.
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