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Default Re: Privacy, Anonymity, and Compartmentalization

I DID eventually find it myself by speeding it up and skipping around, so thanks for murdering me!

That was mostly good, except that little bit at the beginning about Kevin Kelly. I'll admit I haven't read that book, but I have read a lot of his other stuff, and I can pretty much guarantee that that is an inappropriately literal and overly dismissive take. He denies it, but Kelly is actually fairly Luddish himself, despite his general tech utopianism, and when he talks about technologies, he's usually talking about general underlying technologies rather than specific implementations.

I have no doubt there's plenty to criticize, but I also have no doubt that his position is far more nuanced than what they're claiming.

The Luddites were not ignorant about or afraid of technology. If anything, they were probably the most technically adept with it. It's the exploitation they were fighting, not the tech. And that's just as relevant now, if not more.

The current situation goes back to how the technology adoption curve has been turned on its head. Just a couple decades ago, early adopters were mostly people who understood the technology they were adopting, so exploitative tech would be roundly mocked and pretty quickly fail; whereas now it seems like most early adopters are technically inept and willing to adopt things uncritically, so they're the ones driving demand now. And the "Luddites" are often people who understand the technology well enough to see the downsides of subscription models and software as a service and corporate surveillance. But none of the underlying technologies are bad in themselves. It's the implementation that's the problem.
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Default Re: Privacy, Anonymity, and Compartmentalization

Originally Posted by Interview
“You never buy the software, you’re always leasing it”
This reminds me of something that could go in the capitalist dystopia thread.

Cricut now requires subscription to fully use device.
Cricut is limiting the use of its crafting machines with a monthly subscription - The Verge

The short, designs made in other programs need to be translated into proprietary CriCut code, this is done by a cloud based app that you upload too, and then download a Cricut file, with optional access to premade files requiring a subscription. Now CriCut has decided to limit the ‘free’ required app to 20 uploads a month or less without a subscription. As far as I can tell there’s no reason the app needs to be online at all, nothing that needs intensive cloud processing or large amounts of storage.

Since the announcement, outcry has led to them grandfathering in older machines, but the pay a subscription to uncripple their software is their model going forward.

I presume the future is going to be filled with piles of fully functional devices that refuses to turn on because the server they check into has long since been scrapped if it doesn’t just redirect to malware.
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