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Default Our Thieving Government.

A few nights ago I was watching an episode of The Unexplained with William Shatner. There was a father and son team who were searching for some missing gold from the Civil War. In the site where they thought it might be buried, they drilled a number of bore holes. And they found what they were looking for. GOLD! But for some reason, they weren't allowed to dig on the land where it was. I don't know why. Because from what I remember, it was public land. So they had to get permission to dig.

That is where the FBI became involved. They came in the middle of the night and dug up the gold. Interestingly, they wouldn't allow the people who found it anywhere near the dig. When the father and son finally went back there, there was no gold to be found. The FBI claims it found nothing.

There is another interesting case from years ago. A husband and wife team found what was basically a hollowed out mountain in the South West U.S. that was filled with treasure. I can't say for sure, but I figure it was treasure looted from mexico and hidden on orders of the emperor of mexico at the time, Ferdinand Maximilian.

Supposedly, the husband and wife tried to secretly sell some gold bars. This is where the story gets a little bizzare. They tried to get some guy to sell a few of the gold bars for them. At their house, an argument broke out between this guy and the husband who found the treasure. He ran out of the house toward his car. Apparently this other guy and the wife were in cahoots for some reason. Because she told this guy that her husband was running to their car to get a gun. The other guy shot and killed the husband.

This is where the authorities became involved. The military in the area claimed the land on which this mountain was and declared everything to do with the land and mountain top secret. I saw before and after photos of this mountain. After the government was through with the place, there were roads all over the mountain. Being top secret, nobody knows what happened.

This third incident is just something interesting I saw on some TV show once. There was a treasure hunter who apparently did find sunken treasure. But he wasn't at all happy with the amount of treasure that the government wanted to claim for itself. Though he was the one who actually found the treasure. If it wasn't for him, the government wouldn't have anything to claim!

On this TV show, they showed a film that he had made of himself. He was somewhere out to sea in a fairly large row boat. The film showed him shoveling treasure from the bottom of the boat and tossing it back into the ocean. I guess he figured that if the government thought that they were entitled to claim so much of it, they could go out in the ocean and find it themselves! All this is quite an event to me. I tried to scour the internet for any mention of this incredible act of defiance. But I found nothing. Though I know it happened because I actually saw the film of it being done.
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Default Re: Our Thieving Government.

It don’t get more cookie cutter than this. Needs more space aliens.
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Default Re: Our Thieving Government.

Originally Posted by disobey View Post
A few nights ago I was watching an episode of The Unexplained with William Shatner.
ok not gonna lie I lol'ed at this one
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Default Re: Our Thieving Government.

Shatner Turbo 2000

Seriously, though, I too hate it when the government steals my hard-earned income and gives it to poor white welfare monkeys so they can spend their time pounding their itsy bitsy puds on the internet all day long.
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