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Old 04-06-2023, 07:25 PM
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Default Classic Scam Openers


Probably a wrong number scam.

They get you talking, then tailor a scam for you. Oftentimes crypto, sometimes romance.
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JoeP (04-07-2023), Stephen Maturin (04-06-2023)
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Default Re: Classic Scam Openers

Something along the lines of "Hello. My ditzy 14-year-old girlbrain and gargantuan titties seemed to have caused me to forget who you are. Do we know each other?" would reel in cryptobros and lookin'-for-love incel lolberts, two groups with more than a little overlap.
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Default Re: Classic Scam Openers

I think we do! Here’s my picture, [other spam fishing link] let me know what you think!
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JoeP (04-07-2023), Kamilah Hauptmann (04-06-2023)
Old 04-06-2023, 11:00 PM
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Default Re: Classic Scam Openers

Unknown number literally texted me “hello.”

I subscribe to the “no hello” rule, if you get a new text from me, if I write hello, I’ll follow it up with what I want in the same text. On the other side of the conversation, I’ll wait until you actually send me something to respond to.

After an hour, I deleted the text unread.
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Ari (04-06-2023), Crumb (04-06-2023), JoeP (04-07-2023), Kamilah Hauptmann (04-06-2023), slimshady2357 (04-08-2023), Stephen Maturin (04-06-2023)
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Default Re: Classic Scam Openers

I get these, "What are you doing?", or "Are you home?" "Did you get my message?"

I just ignore them, unless I'm bored. Then I fuck with 'em for a while.
Ask if she can front me some bail money. Or, try and sell them some counterfeit M&M's.

I've copied some Trumper solicitations that were sent to me, and will forward them to these guys, sometimes.
“Never take yourself too seriously. Nobody else does” ― Woody Allen.
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slimshady2357 (04-08-2023), Sock Puppet (04-07-2023), specious_reasons (04-07-2023), Stephen Maturin (04-07-2023), viscousmemories (04-07-2023)

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