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Default Re: The tide doesn't actually come in and out

Originally Posted by seebs View Post
that's an almost 50cm difference in height, which is honestly sort of enormous compared to what i would have thought the earth does. 50cm is a *lot*.

Having been to a beach ever in my life: 50cm would be enough to get noticed quite easily. And a little over +0.3m to just above -0.2m is in fact about 50cm.

So for those who are not used to metric: That's like having a thing where at one point in the morning two surfaces are completely flat with respect to each other, and then in the evening it's too high to step down and you have to jump or climb.
True, though given the frequency range, and Area of effect, most people don't really notice the changes, until there is a stress build-up that causes a fracture or something, and an earthquake is noticed. For example, in the last month there have been 11 earthquakes in Kansas. (They are generally insignificant, as earthquakes go.) But still, it is kind of interesting, and they can be hard on the foundations of houses and other buildings, over time.

Further West, the Rocky Mountains are always getting bounced and rocks of all sizes can get "tossed about" now and again.

And, pretty much all over the Earth, you can see how busy the Crust of the planet is. The "Earth Tides" Contribute quite a bit to all of it.
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Default Re: The tide doesn't actually come in and out

It's exceedingly difficult to get most people to give a single fuck about the tides.

Including myself. If it hadn't been for spork and the great trivia thread meltdown, I still wouldn't give a single fuck.
"Have no respect whatsoever for authority; forget who said it and instead look what he starts with, where he ends up, and ask yourself, "Is it reasonable?""

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