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Default Re: Sudokle

Originally Posted by JoeP View Post
Why is the 1 marked impossible here? It becomes possible (and indeed correct!) only when I erase the other 1 guess at the far end.

The impossible marking is because you had another (non-yellow) 1 on the same row.

The impossible marking doesn't mean that the number you just entered is actually wrong - just that it conflicts with another (non-yellow) number on the same row/column/block.

The idea is to stop you just putting the same number, say 1, in every blank position along the row. Then that row would get marked with the correct 1 shown green and all the others yellow. That seems like cheating to me - I know it would be penalized with a high yellow score, but I thought it better to rule it out.

I suppose I could bypass the impossible locking when, and only when, the number you've just entered completes a row, column, or block - that way the row would be marked and your yellow score would be bumped by one, instead of your black score.

I'll soon be adding an options menu, so I could make one of the options 'disable impossible marking', if you think that's a good idea.

I'll swap the colours to your suggestions now and upload in the next few minutes. Let's see what any other players think.

ETA: the darker green made it harder to spot the boxshadow (currently selected square) when it happened to be on a green cell. I've made that a bit darker now too. Any ideas for better/alternative ways of indicating the currently selected square? Once I make different themes available, the selected square might be hard to spot in some themes.

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