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Default Sudokle

To avoid spamming the Wordle thread, this new one is for bug reports, suggestions, and comments about my new Sudokle game. At the time of posting this, it's partly working in Alpha.


Sort of mash-up between Wordle and Sudoku. Green squares are correct and unchangeable (like clues in standard Sudoku). When you complete a row, column, or block, then that group of nine gets scored either green or yellow (yellow means guess was wrong).

On a PC move around using the cursor keys and use the number keys to insert a guess. You can rub out a (non-green) square with space, backspace, or delete. You can play on a phone or tablet, but it's awkward right now. One of the things I need to add is a Wordle-style virtual keypad.

If you play perfectly then you'll never get any yellows apart from the yellow clues you're presented with at the start. Any yellows you get besides the free initial ones are counted and form part of your score for the day.

If you enter an impossible guess (the digit you enter already exists in non-yellow on the same row, column, or block) then the square is marked gray, and you're locked on that square till you change to a different number, or erase the number. Grays are also counted and are a mark of shame - there's no excuse for getting any!

If you're good at Sudoku and find the yellows distracting, you can hide them.

If people think it's worth playing, I'll make the server dole out a fresh puzzle each day. I can also add some things like generating a random puzzle, not the puzzle of the day, if you want to practice. Right now, you'll get the same puzzle every time - it's hard coded in this Alpha version.
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Thanks, from:
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