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Default Re: Going Clear, or, In Your Face, Scientology

A no holds bared AMA by Leah Remini on scientology following her escape.
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Default Re: Going Clear, or, In Your Face, Scientology

David Miscavige, who took over as top dog of Scientology when L. Ron Hubbard dropped dead, is missing. Not "missing" in the Shelly Miscavige sense - i.e., kept out of sight so she doesn't say or do anything publicly that might reflect poorly on her scumbucket husband - but rather "missing" in the "they can't recover a judgment against me in that child sex trafficking lawsuit if they can't serve me" sense.

I watched all of Leah Remini's long-running expose series on Scientology, and DAMN. If even a tiny percentage of the shit they revealed about Miscavige is true, that boy is one demented fuck.
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