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Default Re: Sudokle

Originally Posted by ceptimus View Post
Not sure why. :shrug:
Is it because the forum software predates the existence of Unicode characters other than basic American English. :shrug:

Free thought! Please take one!

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Default Re: Sudokle

Sudoffle Beta #253
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I like this. I always get interrupted, and having the completed spots marked green saves a lot of time reviewing when picking it back up.
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ceptimus (11-22-2022)
Old 11-23-2022, 02:03 AM
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Default Re: Sudokle

Sudoffle Beta #254
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Default Re: Sudokle

I don't want to do sudokus (especially not timed ones with unlimited plays) because I can end up spending much too much time doing them.

But you might find this site interesting, as it has some similar features (and quite a few more): Sudoku Slam - free web sudoku online, smart hints, undo, save puzzles, more
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