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Old 08-17-2022, 05:02 PM
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Default Re: An Arf-Arf Here and a Meow-Meow There... E I E I O!

i love them and wish to brushybrushy them.
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Default Re: An Arf-Arf Here and a Meow-Meow There... E I E I O!

Originally Posted by BrotherMan View Post
i love them and wish to brushybrushy them.
Cookie needs it, nearly constantly. He doesn't like to sit still for it, though.
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Default Re: An Arf-Arf Here and a Meow-Meow There... E I E I O!

Mookie, or should I say Pukey, has lost her bed privileges. Three mornings in a row of having to launder either the duvet or the mattress pad was three mornings too many. We took away her stairs and now she sleeps in her little bed on the floor next to our main bed. She does okay most of the night, but starts whining early in the morning. Then bey, who is a sucker, goes out and sleeps on the recliner with her. :beloved:

We know that pomeranians and chihuahuas can have esophagus problems, and we brought that up with the vet, but they said her esophagus is fine. She does however love to eat mulch and all kinds of other non-food detritus. I guess it's no harm done as long as her body rejects the bad stuff, which it does vehemently. Directly onto our fancy bedding. Only not anymore.
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Default Re: An Arf-Arf Here and a Meow-Meow There... E I E I O!

We have several little beds for the girls around the house.

Mookie has one on my side of the bed. I moved it so I can pet her and comfort her.

Since she was a baby when she spent most of her time living in the pen, when one of us would reach down she would put both of her arms on our arm and try to hold on. We call it koalabearing.

So when I reached down to pet her, Mookie just kept koalabearing my arm. I am indeed a sucker :tmgrin:
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Default Re: An Arf-Arf Here and a Meow-Meow There... E I E I O!

Tuco is happy that our figs are finally back in season.

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