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Default Re: Thanksgiving menus

Originally Posted by LarsMac View Post
Hmmm, you may have something, there.

Though, I would bail on the point of using leftover roast/baked/or otherwise cooked before the fact Turkey parts. That changes the texture of the whole thing (and probably the taste, as well.)
The underlaying theory from which I was working is a fork of two other ideas: The first being that your chain-fast-food nugget is made from a processed meat. (Hence the already minced/ground base.) And also the "keto pizza crust" recipes that I saw in a few places that use canned chicken as the main ingredient. I thought I could expand or explore in that space.

I've been making regular g-turkey nuggets in a similar fashion for a few weeks now. Standard weekly meal prep, easy and fast and can be made and stored in bulk.
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Default Re: Thanksgiving menus

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention our cat Vaska managed to stick his tail in a lit candle and set it on fire. The whole thing was aflame and he had no idea.

He's fine, his fur is a little singed.
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Default Re: Thanksgiving menus

Well, it was a long drive home.

The Fried Turkey was a hit. Can't say the same for the Oyster Stuffing.
Folks in Colorado have a whole different idea of Oysters than folks back on the Gulf.

The Boy's new house is great. Well, the property is great. The house, a bit small, but he's got a great big Barn with a concrete floor and we set up the fixin's in there.

I ended up frying the oysters after the Turkey came out and introduced the Cowboys to real Oysters.
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Default Re: Thanksgiving menus

My grandchild's girlfriend (now fiancee) was here the past few weeks from Australia, and we wanted to experience a more-or-less traditional American Thanksgiving. Our son smoked a turkey on the barbeque and we had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing (Stove Top, because Mrs. S burned the bread pieces she'd saved for that) with added turkey sausage, celery, and onion), jellied cranberry sauce, broccoli with slivered almonds, bear- and squirrel-shaped biscuits, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, whipped cream, homemade chocolate/peanut butter fudge, champagne.

Miisa: Mrs. S is one of seven kids. We tend to do Thanksgiving separately, and then do Christmas with the broader famiiy (40+ people). That larger gathering starts in the morning with eggs Benedict and continues throughout the day with a (potluck) layout of ham, lunchmeats, sliced cheeses, veggies, salads, cookies, cakes, candy, etc., and an assortment of sodas, beers, and (depending on whose house we're at) hard liquors.
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