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Default Readwise Reader

I signed up for an account at Readwise.io a couple years ago to sync highlights in my ebooks, but I never really got into reading ebooks. So for the past couple years the only thing I've used it for is to pass Twitter threads to Roam Research* (my note-taking tool). So any time I want to save a thread I just post a comment "@readwise save thread" and the thread is saved into Readwise, then exported to Roam.

Recently though I got access to the private beta of the Readwise Reader (think Instapaper or Pocket on steroids) just a couple days before the public beta opened up :mutter: and it's pretty sweet. I've been using Pocket to send articles and PDFs to die for years, I use something called hypothesis.io to highlight text on web sites and sync the highlights to Roam, and I have a bunch of newsletter subscriptions that go into a Gmail folder I never look at. Now I can have all that got into Reader and maybe, just maybe, I will start looking at it.

*I'm sure I've talked about Roam before, but I recently got into a beta of Tana and so far it seems to be far superior. I will probably be moving over soon.
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