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Default Re: Isolation diaries

My nephew, who is only forty one, not a key worker, nor clinically vulnerable, was vaccinated weeks ago. I don't know what he did to cheat his way to the front of the queue, but I've heard there are plenty of others that have done the same: there must be loopholes for those inclined to use them.
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Default Re: Isolation diaries

Looks like Gen X getting skipped again.

I didn't used to be a commie, it's just the Overton window slipped on a bar of soap.

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Default Re: Isolation diaries

I got my second Pfizer shot this morning (from Mabel's nephew!)

I don't feel sick, at least yet, but I am really dopey and lightheaded.
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Default Re: Isolation diaries

Lots of people I know my age or younger have gotten one or more shot. Mostly, they have exerted the effort to find clinics or sites who have "waste management" appointments. I'll just wait until Thursday and book an appointment.

I'd like to get it ASAP, but I don't really mind waiting.
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