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Default Schoolhouse Rock

Maybe this can be a thread for random questions about how the US government works. I'll start.

Last year a bill was introduced in both the House and Senate, and was then sent to committee. I scoured the committee website but can't find any information about that specific bill, though there are >1500 others listed on the site. Which raises the questions:

Are there rules or laws about how and when committees evaluate, investigate, and/or report findings on bills? Are committees where bills go to die?

*Thread inspired by the Farm System Reform Act which would, among many other things, mandate an immediate moratorium on new CAFOs and an eventual shut-down of the existing ones.
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Default Re: Schoolhouse Rock

Originally Posted by viscousmemories View Post
mandate an immediate moratorium on new threads and an eventual shut-down of the existing ones.

(But "CAFOs"?)

Free thought! Please take one!

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