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Default Windows 11:11

:lovewindows: :1111:

So apparently a dev build of something called Windows 11 has been leaked.

Microsoft looks ready to launch Windows 11 - The Verge

Even Wikipedia's on it. Windows 11 - Wikipedia
Windows 11 is expected to be announced at a Microsoft event on June 24
Do we need a new version of Windows? We do not.

Apparently the ui is going to change ever so slightly.

Start button will be centred.


Free thought! Please take one!

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Default Re: Windows 11:11

Should be in First World Problems.

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Default Re: Windows 11:11

I stumbled on a "What's New in Windows 11?" video the other day and thought "there's a Windows 11? ... why is there a Windows 11?" So then I watched about 5 minutes of it (enough to confirm that there was *no* reason there's a Windows 11) and turned away.
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Default Re: Windows 11:11

Aparently, my newest PC, which has 16 GB RAM, an i7-7740X 8-core processor running at 4.3 GHz, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 display adapter, doesn't qualify to run Windows 11.

It has all the necessary security thingies and boot capabilities, but Microsoft have arbitrarily excluded any i7 processors older than 8th generation (mine is 7th gen. - the first number after the i7- or i5- or whatever tells you the generation).

This is not for any performance or lack of capability reasons - it's just that Microsoft would prefer us to buy new PCs, because they make money that way.

Unless Microsoft changes its policy, it looks like I'll be using only out-of-date unsupported versions of Windows after the updates for Windows 10 stop in 2025. I use Linux for most everything now anyhow. :shrug:
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