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Default Misplaced Distrust

Misplaced trust is a familiar concept of course. But in trying to understand what has gone wrong in the minds of Covid- and climate-deniers, flat-earthers and anti-vaccers, and Stop-the-Stealers; you know—right-wing wingnuts—it occurred to me that it isn't so much trust as it is distrust that is being misplaced. Distrust in scientific and other oversight agencies because distrust in established, especially governmental, authority.

I wondered if misplaced distrust was a thing, and guess what? Yes, it is a thing ...

Misplaced Distrust: Policy Networks and the Environment in France, the United States, and Canada, Montpetit
... it's just an idea
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Default Re: Misplaced Distrust

Interesting. Ive always found it fascinating how many political con-artists will tell their mark exactly how they will con them but then point at some other dude and say Thats what hes planning! and suddenly their mark is like Ill watch him like a hawk, here hold my wallet.
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