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Default Re: ABBA VITE namely Doctor Solzhenitsof's novel

ABBA VITE's Liberalist Novel



Continuing from the previous chapters...

Then the author spoke so that the subject should not be noisy in the light-weighted uproar, depending on the place, coming from the jinn and that human community that darkens the conversation:
Abba- “The Athenian Hebrews are the ancestors of the Jews in Europe, and we have no doubt that they are not related to Jews emigrated from Spain. We antic Athens induced have lived, and have died at times to have not been carrying any certainty in time. If we die, let's say, by having a heart attack after a shock in the cross roads of our old village-a Germanic habitat?-or after making love in the moors-if the season is Summer of course-my uncles Albert and Franz, yes uncles both by the side of my mom or dad should claim against my calling them good names or rather titles as uncle “since you will be older than us in the future, there will be no uncle, uncle, nephew relationship between us, and a friendship process begins where you are the elder brother” so it would be worth reminding once again on this basis: people have to risk all kinds of struggles to live. The main reason for this is the responsibility imposed by the feeling of friendship. However, the limits of the struggle for life the mankind, no matter how developed intelligence, could never be described enough through human perception. Now it is too light to be felt on a calm sea. But even if it resembles a sailboat sailing behind it in a continuous wind, both the subject and the concepts are terrible, of course, the style is inevitably a candidate for horror! As for the articles titled Friend, it's dangerous—if not forbidden—even very dangerous not to read them! The human seed races to the death to come to this world-let's not say war-it is so worthy that other seeds that lose the fight are trash. However, the world is the place where all power is spent, and the only function of the world as a trap-house is to refute all power, absolutely and unquestionably. If this is not the truth, who or what will the Messiah-savior-save in the scriptures of all modern religions?”
Although that gaze of the two different groups convinced him that they-at last-started to be existing without any aid of the novelist himself. Humboldt kept on looking sideways at the host and the hostess, and still did so as temporary Rudolph spoke to him. As an aside that Rudolph and Karl did not seem to be great friend, and yet they exchanged many few cool words. Humboldt decided to help the conversation along, so he asked suddenly: ‘Do we have enough knowledge to call Simon’s dad as Rudolph?’ Karl’s wife-the hostess laughed out loud. ‘Why do you laugh?’ asked Humboldt, rather annoyed. ‘I’m not laughing,’ she said, but she still laughed all the same. ‘My wife is a very childish woman,’ said Karl, leaning over the some part of the furniture-filling richly the study to make his wife look at him instead she kept her eyes lowered, and mumbled quietly: ‘Would you like to make me to stop laughing?’

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