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Old 06-02-2020, 09:57 AM
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Default Re: Movies that aren't really BAD -- but aren't very good, either

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
I haven't seen it since it came out, so I'm trying to remember specifics, but one major takeaway I always get from his movies is that they're supposed to be like that, I think. Like, you're supposed to be kind of discombobulated and confused and not sure what you just saw or why. And that humans are strange, stupid, cruel animals.

His movies are ones where I always like them much better a day or two after I see them. Not like a bad thing, just more a delayed reaction. I think because of the disorientation maybe. I think it took me at least a week before I liked Mr. Lonely, but then I really liked it.
Originally Posted by Stormlight View Post
Interesting. Now Iíll definitely give it another chance.
Instead I watched Trash Humpers. I mean, I think I liked it a bit better than Beach Bum but ... :stunned:
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Default Re: Movies that aren't really BAD -- but aren't very good, either

Oh no.

I wouldn't have necessarily recommended Trash Humpers to someone who was having a hard time with Beach Bum, but I respect your decision to take the make it make it make it don't fake it road to Harmony Korine's catalog.
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Default Re: Movies that aren't really BAD -- but aren't very good, either

Host 2020 (on Shudder)

Six friends think it might be fun to have a seance for their isolation Zoom get-together. The seance goes wrong and they start getting spooked by a malevolent spirit.

It's not a new concept (Unfriended did something similar a while back), but it was tense, scary and fun. The actors really sell it, even when the special effects are cheesy.

The novelty of it is that it's very much of its time. It's set during the pandemic and they're all in isolation, and this is their friendly get-together. There are particular features of video chats which are used to amusing effect, like a video background or stupid facial overlays. I wonder how it will look a few years from now?
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Default Re: Movies that aren't really BAD -- but aren't very good, either

I see Avengers: End game is already here once, so here it is again.

Finally got around to seeing this, and I was bored, yet there was nothing horrible about it, it was the perfectly average movie it needed to be to make sure the juggernaut franchise keeps rolling and nothing more.

It was utterly predictable. I predicted, As soon as I saw they had

Otherwise it has some of the same issues as many ensemble movies. Having a giant gun and cyber arm might be scary to little flesh and blood me, but when your other team members can warp the reality of space and time, while another delivers focused nuke blasts with her body, that machine gun seems kinda weak and pointless. But ya know, gotta have that comic book Heros vs Villians clash image so there’s poor flesh and blood Bucky out with literal giants.

It doesn’t help I also watched The Mandalorian as well, which does a great job at power differences.
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Default Re: Movies that aren't really BAD -- but aren't very good, either

I finally got around to watching The Man Who Fell to Earth - a heartwarming story for Christmas viewing.

It was okay, not great, not terrible. It looked like it was filmed in my mom's backyard (and it was, sort of - parts were filmed in New Mexico). Very much a 70s movie.
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Default Re: Movies that aren't really BAD -- but aren't very good, either

Alien: Covenant

Visually good.

A spaceship detects an unusual signal, lands on a strange planet, and gets into difficulties. They do stupid things, they don't take simple precautions, things happen without logic. There are aliens, they don't know anything about them, the aliens grow inside them. There is one android in the crew. One of the last survivors is a girl with a big gun and not much to wear.

I'm pretty sure I've seen other movies like this...

In a slight twist, this film has two androids and they are both Michael Fassbender, who is brilliant.

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