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Default Re: ABBA VITE namely Doctor Solzhenitsof's novel

Originally Posted by SOLZHENITSOF View Post
ABBA VITE's Liberalist Novel



Continuing from the previous chapters...


(Tags: Soviet influence, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Syria, Morsi’s Egypt, Cuba)


Literature after the Ukrainian War



The English girl Evelyn, who is a very young dwarf that we perceive as obligatory overweight, and whom we sympathize with just so we don't feel sorry for her, was an example to people who are behind development. She was one of thousands of young girls who fell in love with Lenin during the years of the dishonest Soviet revolution, which was made to commit genocide against a noble people, even though she was only 14 years old... Except for the snack episodes that cover the novel, the thing worth telling is that the dwarf girl climbs into place on the train, tugging and tugging herself into her seat. And of course, he will have to open his book and read it. The state of opening and reading a book, which is simple enough for us to define what hyperrealism is, never carries the design of what to do at the end of the journey for a dwarf, but the narrative of a dwarf whose content is not a dwarf reaching his destination, throwing his book in his bag and continuing his life from where he left off is a long process, a verity, a process. Then we have to ask, does a dwarf who has reached puberty and a normal young girl settle down on the train and open her book, an invitation to our research? Time is an insignificant task that comes with the invitation of the movement you call time, relativity or relative truth or a similar rudder cannot put anyone on the right line of understanding in this matter in advance. Let's say that the speed of reading a book is the same train already serves the dwarf and the non-dwarf at the same speed, the moment you try to get off at the station where you need to get off, the descent cannot be perceived as changing the length and therefore the time on both sides. It is obvious that there is no way to say no-in any case of the problem regarding to the girl’s under growth level physical retardation-to dwarf Evelyn it is obvious, but in her case, relative would be in the relativity, in the opposite of her, again in the relative past, in the future, in the relativity against relative any the less, in the future. It is steel mini-tethers stretched with equal pressure or equivalent pull that make a wheel of a bicycle, which is not possible to be stretched equally, nor is it possible to measure equality.
Back on stage, the dwarf English girl climbed onto her seat in the commune transportation mean-say railway type camara and took out her booklet. In order for us to make some comparisons, somewhere else in the world or England, a dwarf English girl and three healthy English girls the same age as a dwarf English girl and a young and healthy alternative to a public transport vehicle, in another option, unhealthy, in the same manner, older than a dwarf English girl, healthy or unhealthy.

The English girl suffering from stunting-in one term if we could call it a disease, of course-could explain the difference that separated her from people considered healthy by exceeding the criterion of living forever within a certain period of time. Because, while almost everyone, even everything, which exists in a limited time, tends to be forgotten after a while, his life always would slide towards the viewer's world, like a meteorite that is thought to be a star. However, our case, in which we must remember the obligation to call a young lady even if she is squat, was prompted to evaluate it as a work of art or an object of definition with an artistic aspect, which will be encountered from time to time by anyone who has the power to read her own life process and write someone else's, who can understand what she listens to, and makes sense of what she sees. It must be said that he was enthusiastic because it was not a case of self-deception, the object was concrete, clear. The young, handicapped girl—to a lesser extent, to some extent, disabled-was locked in an “event-time” with what she would spend in the world.
What was that? The beginning and the end, the sounds, thoughts, colours in memo are a certain memory record… a record open to everyone, which cannot be limited to individuality. Before and after Evelyn, a entity known to everyone, at least predicted in the form of a single story, which gives it the main unity it is in. In that event, there is no definition of just remembering the event: In the evening, after total fall of dark, the lights of the windows of the department about monetary payments of the government office, which was built with German discipline, generously pour onto the road. At the entrance of the open barber shop, ornamental tools that spin bright red and white spirals, two radiating cylinders rotate, saturated with light from all directions. There is obviously a detective inside the detective-patterned coat that passes in front of the building, and his presence allows to clearly identify the thyme of the lamb chops that decorates the table in the house one street away. Everything waits to be described as it stretches out to infinity. The body of the British girl with short, chubby legs with developmental delay, has a forced delay while running. Delay is eternity for those who want to leave a mark. Evelyn takes this chance.

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